How to Fix the Lakers in 4 Easy Steps

Los Angeles could get back to their winning ways with a hand full of moves. Simple ones that won't break the bank, yet catapult them at least to the playoffs next season.

Dave & Son Play Another Round of 2k

We are back for another great gaming experience! The question, is will will Paul, finally get a victory, or will Dave win by 50? I was pushing for it.

#PistonsTalk 2-8-17

Pistons beat the Lakers! Andre Drummond had 24 points 17 rebounds and 4 blocks! I also discuss Detroit's upcoming schedule, and playoff implications. Also announcing!✌🏿    


Players that are more concerned with getting theirs than winning….or team. These shots don't equate to wins. I'm talking about players who have never seen a shot they didn't like. Oh, you were open? I didn't notice kind of players. I'm talking Deebo telling Red he didn't know he wanted his beach cruiser back ass... Continue Reading →

Top 9 Point Guards (Remix)

Updated! I'm reconfiguring this list. A lot has changed since the first February. Certain players have proven me wrong, where a certain player proved he wasn't worth the spot I gave him. I'm talking to you Mr. Choke twice in the Finals. Link to the orginal post is here   After tossing and turning over making this list,... Continue Reading →

Fading (California) Dreams

Who doesn't California give a fuck about? Thats right you!   I wrote before about all the loyalty we show to the state, that it never reciprocates—I'm not sure y'all got the message. You see, I left. I bounced. I kicked rocks. I'm trying to get others to see the light. My gripe is with... Continue Reading →

Football Season Predictions

  Here we are, finally, football season. 32 sets of fans beaming with hope in their eyes. Some feeling as though this year is the year for a break out season, others expecting total domination. And the rest of you… you know what's coming; but it's fun to dream right?The first game will be Thursday,... Continue Reading →

California Dreamin’

For my entire existence I've lived in California. Up North mostly—from Oakland, to San Francisco, Sacramento, and all the way down the coast to Los Angeles. The older I get, the more my mind wonders if California loves me as much as I—or it's inhabitants have. It's an interesting thought. Think about it, we rep this state... Continue Reading →

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