The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 60

Part 2 0f 3, of the Socially aware, waking the people up, Going Deep episode! With Special guest, Eddie Star from

Holding Steph Curry accountable.. How can a die hard Warrior’s fan say these things!

Yes I went there. How can a die hard Warrior's fan for over 23 years, utter those words? It's blasphemous! Yea well I don't care. There is alot of questions surrounding Steph's mental toughness right now and its not hard to ignore. How can a 2 time MVP not win the finals MVP?  How can you... Continue Reading →

The Steph Curry Effect

What's the best way to score a basket? When I was growing up, the answer to that question was, you needed to get as close to the rim as possible. Get the highest percentage shot you could. Boy has that changed. We have 12 Players who have already taken over 200 three point attempts — and... Continue Reading →

Draymond Tough

FLEX ON EM!!! In my 33 years of living, I've watched my fair share amount of basketball. Generationally speaking, Draymond Green is one of only a handful of NBA players today, who could of thugged it out back in the day. As a Warriors fan for 23 years, I can appreciate the championship he won... Continue Reading →

NBA Season Predictions

I know. The NBA season is almost a week old, and I have the nerve to just now give you my predictions… Well since I have your attention,  you might as well scroll down and see if you agree with me or not.     MVP: James Harden Rookie of the Year: Joel Embiid Defensive Player of... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Wire

 NBA Tip-Off  The Golden State Warriors played  opening night  with no energy and no heart. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant were the only two Warriors playing worth a damn. There was no energy until about 3:30 left in the second quarter. When the above mentioned duo decided, the hell with everybody else on this team!... Continue Reading →

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